The Florida Impaired Driving Coalition (FIDC) was formed to identify and prioritize the State’s most pressing impaired driving issues, review proven strategies that can effectively impact these issues, develop and oversee a strategic plan that will guide implementation of programs, policy, and funding strategies to maximize the State’s ability to reduce impaired driving crashes, fatalities, and injuries.

Recent News

The FIDC held a virtual meeting on October 29-30, 2020.

The FIDC has drafted model language and best practices related to refusal to submit to testing, DUI diversion programs, and allowing for issuing of warrants for evidence of violation of DUI or BUI. Click here for more details on model language and best practices."

Upcoming Events

The FIDC will conduct a virtual/in-person meeting on March 9-10, 2021. For more information on this and future meetings please contact Ernie.Bradley@dot.state.fl.us.